Avant Townhomes

To meet a demand in the market for an alternative to a traditional freestanding family home, Intrapac has introduced its subsidiary, Avant Townhomes.

Avant Townhomes is a specialised business focussed on creating efficient, high quality finished townhouses and low rise apartments and seeks to build better, more advanced homes that make efficient use of land, space and energy. Long term, Avant will provide a range of living options across Intrapac Property’s national developments offering alternatives to conventional housing.

Avant Townhomes at Intrapac’s QUAY2 development in Torquay on Victoria’s popular surf coast are designed and built to suit the local climate. The colours and materials were specifically selected to suit and withstand the Torquay sun, sea salt and rain, roof decks provide amazing views for many of the homes and enclosed courtyards provide secluded outdoor space, protected from coastal winds.

The selection of homes that Avant Townhomes have created for QUAY2 suit a range of lifestyles and life stages and are carefully positioned within the QUAY 2 estate to provide interesting, coherent streetscapes.

For more information please visit Avant Townhomes